Anji Bai Cha

Green Tea
AED 45.00

sourced from the Zhejiang province in China globally renowned for its green tea. The name of this tea translates to White Tea from the Anji region, named so because the un-plucked leaves are not as green as with other green teas. However, it is a green tea that has all the characteristics of cultivation in a high mountainous region surrounded by bamboo forests. The dry leaf is beautiful, slender and needle like making this a well sought-after tea.

  • 2-3 times based on taste. Increase brew time by 30 seconds - 1 minute for each steeping.

    The below brewing guide should be adjusted to suit your personal tastes and preferences. We recommend rinsing this tea for the best taste. You can do this by pouring water over the leaves at the above temperature and then discarding that water after a few seconds.

    Store sealed in a dry place at room temperature

Net Weight: 25 g

  • Green Tea
  • Earthy, fresh cut grass, citrus, sweet notes of white flowers, long vegetal finish
    • leafAmount3-5 g per serving
    • cupWater Volume1 cup (240 ml)
    • timeSteep Time2-3 min
    • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 70-85 C
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