Blue Mountain Nilgiri

Nilgiri Tea
Black Tea
AED 50.00

sourced from the Blue Hill (Nilgiri) Mountains in the southern part of India. Lush forests, tropical jungles, misty valleys, gentle plateaus and numerous streams and rivers in this region give Nilgiri teas their distinct taste and character. They are often compared to Sri Lankan teasz due to the similarity in their climates. Nilgiri teas are often used in hot and cold brew teas due to its ability to retain a stable, vivid color when iced.

  • 1-2 times based on taste. Increase brew time by 30 seconds - 1 minute for each steeping.

    The below brewing guide should be adjusted to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

    Store sealed in a dry place at room temperature

Net Weight: 50 g

  • Black Tea
  • Full bodied but soft flavor, slight sweet, floral, and mint notes
    • leafAmount3-4 g per serving
    • cupWater Volume1 cup (240 ml)
    • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 90-98 C
    • timeSteep Time2-4 min
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