Dan Cong

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sourced from Fujian province in China, renowned for Oolong teas. The term Dan Cong describes tea products made from the leaves of one chosen tea tree. The older the tree, the more precious the harvest. Another fascinating tradition in this region is to use only wild trees for this tea. Mi Lan Xiang means perfume of the honeyed orchid. This tea was developed as a tribute to emperors and is still revered to this day.

Taste Notes: Full bodied tea, brown sugar, candied melon notes and a sweet fruity, floral aroma that lingers.

Ingredients Notes: Oolong Tea

Making Instructions:

  • leafAmount3-5 g per serving
  • cupWater Volume1 cup (240 ml)
  • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 80-85 C
  • timeSteep Time2-4 min