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Black Tea
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Assam, situated in eastern India, produces the largest quantity of tea. This highly fertile tropical region is at sea level, covered by a vast jungle through which flows the Brahmaputra River. Teas from Assam have been used to develop the famous “British taste” tea blends and Indian Masala Chai.

  • 1-2 times based on taste. Increase brew time by 30 seconds - 1 minute for each steeping.

    The below brewing guide should be adjusted to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

    Store sealed in a dry place at room temperature

Net Weight: 50 g

  • Black Tea
  • Full bodied, malty flavor with hints of sweetness, cocoa, and a floral, honeyed finish.
    • leafAmount3-4 g per serving
    • cupWater Volume1 cup (240 ml)
    • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 90-98 C
    • timeSteep Time2-4 min
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