Organic Matcha

Green Tea
AED 175.00

An exceptionally high quality matcha from Shizuoka. Green tea leaves are selected and hand-plucked by Japanese tea farmers and granite stone ground to a powder. Our Organic version has a distinct raw taste and vivid green color.

  • Please modify the below brewing guide to suit your taste. But we recommend not going above 80°C. prepare your matcha by sifting matcha into a bowl, adding hot water and whisking briskly until you get a smooth, frothy texture. Drink straight from the bowl for maximum benefit.

    Keep refrigerated to retain freshness.

Net Weight: 30 g

  • Green Tea
  • Rich Umami, Sweet, Fresh, Grassy
    • leafAmount1tsp (2g)
    • cupWater Volume60-75ml
    • tempWater Temperature70 – 80 C
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