Signature Matcha

Green Tea
AED 150.00

Our signature high quality matcha from Kagoshima. Young green tea leaves are selected and hand plucked by Japanese tea farmers and granite stone ground to a powder. The fresh, sweet, vegetal taste along with a bright green color makes for our signature Matcha offering.

  • Please modify the below brewing guide to suit your taste. But we recommend not going above 80°C. prepare your matcha by sifting matcha into a bowl, adding hot water and whisking briskly until you get a smooth, frothy texture. Drink straight from the bowl for maximum benefit.

    Keep refrigerated to retain freshness.

Net Weight: 30 g

  • Green Tea
  • Rich Umami, Sweet, Fresh, Grassy
    • leafAmount1 tsp (2gm)
    • cupWater Volume60 – 75 ml
    • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 60 -70 C
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