Zhu Cha

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Sourced from the Zhejiang province in China globally renowned for its green tea. This tea is the best known and popular green tea in the world, named because the dry leaf resembles pellets. Gunpowder Tea is referred to as ‘Zhu Cha’, in China which translates to ‘Pearl Tea’, which is also indicative of the shape of its dry leaves.

This green tea is popularly used in North Africa with mint for a refreshing beverage.

Taste Notes: Robust, slightly nutty, hint of smokiness with a delicate sweetness.

Ingredients Notes: Green Tea

Making Instructions:

  • leafAmount3-5 g per serving
  • cupWater Volume1 cup (240 ml)
  • tempWater Temperaturefresh water 70-85 C
  • timeSteep Time2-3 min