Manish Bhargava

“The art of tea is not just in the leaves, but also in how humbly you serve the tea, how you drink the tea and most importantly, how you engage while drinking the tea – whether it is with your own thoughts or with the thoughts of people around you.”

I have grown up in a household where tea was at the center of most interactions. Whether it was deep, stirring and animated conversations or ones that were simple in their exchange, they were usually over a cup of tea. Whether it was in moments of celebration or moments providing comfort, tea was always involved. Such was the importance of a beverage in our household and culture, that I did not understand at the time but have now come to greatly appreciate and love.

I realized much later that a good part of the teachings that I imbibed came from thoughts and ideas being imparted over a cup of tea – a beverage whose benefits, I now know are immense and incredible.

I also have a deep appreciation for an old-world bakery in a modern setting. During childhood, whilst on summer holidays, we would walk to our neighborhood bakery to get a loaf of fresh bread. The aromas, taste and the overall experience never left me. The fact that the baker referred to us by name, knew our preferred breads or would hand out a taste of something fresh provided such a humble yet wholesome experience. So much so, that whenever we are traveling as a family, I make it a practice to walk with the kids in the morning to a neighborhood bakery.

Having worked for and consulted with several Fortune 50 companies in the technology and financial industries, I am now committed to one belief – that life’s simple pleasures come from sharing and serving. I cannot think of a better way than doing that through tea & bread.

Please do not hesitate to ask for me on your next visit to Pekoe.
I hope to see you, hear from you and learn from you.

My favorite tea at Pekoe: Premium Sencha
My favorite bakery item: Plain Croissant

“Manish Bhargava is a Tea Sommelier, Tea Master Professional, Tea Specialist and Tea Champion from various tea academies around the world.”

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